Alessandra: PA, ESL Teacher,bookworm, beginner yogi, cake lover and very naive.

When I first wrote an introduction  4 years ago I wrote:

” Current location =Malta, Sliema where most of life is, where locals and foreigners live, where shops, cafè and restaurants are, where the biggest shopping centre of the island is, but where everything is pricey and often, and undoubtedly, out of fashion.

I landed on this island  by chance only few months ago, exactly in April 2015. After many years spent in the UK I decided that it was time to get out of my routine and explore life outside it. I was bored of my job as receptionist, declined a promotion and decided to  move away from Cambridge, although a much beloved place.

After countless sleepless nights, I decided to challenge myself and start a course to become a teacher of English as a foreign language. OK, but where? went online and googled few key words, Malta came up as one of the first options..and so after few emails, and few phone calls I had my journey to Malta planned (and precisely three months in advance to my departure date).

My stay here is a roller coaster, many ups and downs and many difficulties but I love my job and I love every minute spent with my students in class. Anyhow, I do feel lucky.  “

Today, March 2020 – Back in Italy in 2017, working full time in hospitality and still teaching part time, living in a small awesome town which I never want to leave, “bodyguarded” by the two ladies who live on the same floor as mine.

Even after years the purpose if this blog remains the same: to share my experiences, inspire others, just like many people I met through my journey inspired me, encourage people to be curious and when needed a bit naive.


P.S: posts on this blog will be relatively short and this is because I have never read  through a whole post that lasts ages without thinking: AND SO?? 🙂

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